Giving back for better futures

Cognition Education Trust

Cognition Education Trust is a registered NZ Charity and is the 100% shareholder of Cognition Education Ltd.  Through its investment strategy, the Trust invests in educational initiatives, interventions and projects that measurably advance education in New Zealand.

Our space is your space

We would like to extend a warm welcome to you. Our new facilities and meeting rooms are available to education and community groups at no cost. If you are a school or education related organisation and need a place to have a meeting, workshop or training event please get in touch and we will help if we can. We have a range of rooms available on a first-come, first-served basis.


ChallengED is a professional learning and development community which includes a number of schools from across Auckland. It challenges member schools to have ‘Conversations about the things that matter’. Our support is provided through the use of our facilities and resources.


#edchatNZ is a community for New Zealand educators across all sectors to discuss all things education, they will make great changes by encouraging the use of technologies through collaboration of all schooling professions. In 2014 we supported the #edchatNZ conference by sponsoring more than thirty teacher education students to attend. 

Corporate social responsibility programme

All of our employees are encouraged to donate a proportion of their time to worthy education and not-for-profit groups. Currently, our teams are working with a range of charitable trusts and charities including those involved in literacy, youth mentoring, student advocacy, health education and projects for youth leadership and development.


We are an original supporter of the Auckland Primary Principals’ Association (APPA) and continue to work closely with the association as a partner in the ongoing professional development of regional principals.

Festival of Education

In March 2014 the communities of Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch came together to deliver a “Festival of Education” in their cities. Educators, students and their families and a wide range of organisations and community leaders collaborated to celebrate and share educational innovation, collaboration and excellence. Through the support of sponsors we lead this massive event.