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Monday, September 28, 2015
Therese Ireland-Smith

In response to requests from participants at our introductory workshop: How to significantly improve outcomes for Maori, Pasifika and those who are minoritised, HPS is offering a free four part series of workshops around the country. The first workshop supports schools and communities to notice inequities, respond with actions by accelerating equity and measure the impact on those who need to benefit the most.

In this inter-active workshop we:

1. Support school communities to make meaning from their data.

2. Interrogate the correlation between equity outcomes and current practices.

3. Look to the research about what conditions and actions are most likely to have a positive impact

4. Design a response… plan for action

These workshops are hosted by the HPS National Leadership and Coordination Service (NLCS) and your local HPS provider.

Please visit this link to view dates and times of the workshop coming to your region. If there is not already a workshop scheduled in your area please contact Therese Ireland-Smith to organise one.

“…..motivational, inspirational … Mauri Ora. Love the presentation of the workshop and active participation in learning - great thought provoking questions” (Principals, Far North)

“….it was like the light got switched on and things will never be the same at school…”(Teachers, Gisborne)

“Motivation and inspirational for improving outcomes for our tamariki - let me at it!” (Teachers and Principals, Wairoa)


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To find out more information contact Therese Ireland-Smith

M +64 21 272 0633