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Europe & Middle East

Delivering outstanding educational results

The educational landscape is evolving dramatically and education institutions around the world are striving to better equip their learners with the skills and knowledge required to meet any challenge. From our offices in the United Arab Emirates and the United Kingdom, our EMEA team delivers a range of tailor-made services to help our clients achieve excellent standards for all their students.  

The Alliance of Leading Learning

Cognition Education are proud to be a partner of the Alliance of Leading Learning (ALL), a school led inclusive partnership representing all phases and school contexts, nationally in the United Kingdom, and internationally.  To date, ALL has led the learning of over 5,000 school leaders across all levels, as well as governors.


National Professional Qualifications (NPQs)

The Alliance of Leading Learning (ALL) is pleased to announce they’ve been awarded the NCTL license by the Department for Education, and is consequently a major provider of the newly designed National Professional Qualifications (NPQs). 


Delivered by Cognition Education, NPQEL is for those who are, or who are aspiring to become, Executive Headteacher or CEO of a MAT with responsibility for leading across several schools. The programme includes the opportunity ot experience leadership in a non-educational setting, and on-going support from an external Coach Mentor. 


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Keep up with the latest news and trends in education.   

NZ judged top of the world in educating for the future

A recent study conducted by British based Economist Intelligence Unit has concluded that New Zealand education is ranked top of the world in the ‘Educating for the Future Index’. Produced for the first time, this new ranking measures the extent to which 35 countries facilitate the acquisition of particular skills, rather than encouraging rote learning. 

Of the 35 countries assessed, New Zealand comes first. It is marked highly for focusing on “future skills” as a strategic policy imperative and the implementation of this in its school curriculum, approach to project based learning, teacher training, careers counselling and collaboration between education and industry. The country’s cultural diversity and tolerance is also cited as positively impacting on the index results.


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Does school and college leadership really matter?

World-renowned educationalist Professor John Hattie says yes, but it has to be the right type of leadership.. 

Don’t be a hero

Collecting and analysing evidence on what improves student learning outcomes has been my life’s work. Some may even call it an obsession. Over the last 30 years, I have analysed the findings from more than 1,400 meta-analyses based on 80,000 studies on educational effectiveness – involving more than 300 million students.

If I’ve learned anything from all this research, it’s that almost everything a teacher does in a classroom works. The key question is not, “What Works?” but “Is it working sufficiently above the average of all the possible things I could be doing in the classroom?”

Shortly after my research synthesis Visible Learning (2009) was published (Routledge), many of my colleagues were unhappy with the findings related to the overall effectiveness of school leaders. Across the many tens of thousands of studies I had synthesised the average effect size of all influences combined was .40 but the average effect size for school leaders was .36, a little below average. Some of my colleagues were disappointed that the impact of school leaders appeared to be less than other influences on student achievement. It begged the question: does school leadership really matter?

The reassuring answer is yes it does but it has to be the right type of leadership. That effect size of .36 is a composite score reflecting the sum total of all the different types of approaches a school or college leader may deploy. Some of these approaches are so ineffective that, if selected, leaders may as well not bother clocking in for duty. While others are akin to the mother lode. 


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Our approach

We first seek to fully understand your school and its unique context, we then work with you to develop a programme of support to meet your individual needs. We’ll help you analyse the current situation of your organisation and identify future priorities, using the science of learning to ensure the greatest impact. With our team’s expertise, deep pedagogical understanding and experience of working across various contexts, combined with our up-to-date knowledge of the current educational climate, we can support you in a wide range of areas including:

Achievement & attainment

Curriculum development

Coaching & mentoring

System reform

Self evaluation & performance improvement

Strategy & development

(including establishing new schools)

Leadership & management

(including Governor/Trustee support)

Teaching & learning

(including curriculum reviews and planning)

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