Partnership, sustainability, impact.

Your learning needs are unique, so we begin by working with you to gather the requisite data to plan for effective and sustainable change. Planning and implementation is collaborative, utilises your expertise and builds your capacity. We focus on evaluation of the impact of change.

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Health Promoting Schools

As part Health Promoting Schools we provide you with tools to identify your strengths, and address health, wellbeing and education priorities within your school community.

Corporate social responsibility

Programmes designed to include coaching local facilitators and the development of e-curriculum options. We give support to projects such as the youth leadership programmes sponsored by telecommunication corporates in Malaysia and Indonesia.


Impact evaluation and process evaluation mean you can see the results and the sustainability of our education interventions. Our research and evaluation team will support you to evaluate an intervention, both in terms of process (how are we going?) and outcome (how did we do?)


Modern learning practices

Our experienced team works with school leaders and teachers to analyse their needs. We show how to put in place modern practices and make the best use of the latest technology.

Teacher-led innovation

Our facilitators support educators by designing innovative responses to their needs. We do this by drawing on our in-depth expertise in educational research.

System reform

Districts and governments need to identify the root causes of issues that impact on student achievement. We help assess current policies and practices, and provide support to make improvements.


School-wide inquiry

Our team works with teachers and leaders in whole school review and school curriculum development. This includes a focus on student voice, whānau engagement, feedback, and developing learner capability and dispositions.

Teacher Licensing

Outlining and providing PLD development and support towards realising full practice certification. 



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Cognition Associate
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