Professional learning for LEOTC providers and organisations

"LEOTC programmes complement and enrich classroom learning. They are hands-on, interactive learning experiences for children and young people that are provided independently of the schools."- LEOTC Provider Guidebook.

We work with you to support effective LEOTC practice and maximise your impact in the limited time that you have with schools. We can provide customised support for your organisation according to your needs which may include:

·         Keeping current with educational trends
·         Designing educational programmes that support the NZ Curriculum 
·         Integratign effective pedagogies that support 21st Century learning
·         Developing teaching approaches that meet the needs of all learners
·         Designing resources and tasks that engage students with critical thinking
·         Building better relationships with schools pre and post visit 
·         Evaluating your programmes effectively, including self review and needs analysis

We are currently offeirng professional learning workshops in a range of areas across New Zealand throughout 2017. We can also customise offerings to meet your specific needs or location. 

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Please contact:
Marie Hirst or Tracy Bowker


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