Middle East school reform demonstrates significant effect size

We collected progress and achievement information from tens of thousands of students, thousands of teachers, and hundreds of leaders.

Since 2004 Cognition has worked in the Middle East, as well as Abu Dhabi in 2009 and 2012 as part of the government's Public Private Partnership (PPP) scheme. This educational initiative involved reforming public schools in Abu Dhabi and improving learning outcomes for students.

Cognition formed a productive and successful relationship with the education ministry to raise student achievement, better prepare students for higher education, enhance students’ English language skills, and improve the quality of school leadership and classroom teaching, while maintaining respect for UAE culture and heritage.

The diagram above left summarizes the impact (effect size) of the work of our teams, school leaders and teachers over the three years of the PPP project.
The diagram above right summarizes the starting position (2009/2010 in orange) and the improvement position (2011/2012 in green) for each of the above key indicators.

“Effect size is a simple measure for quantifying the difference between two groups or the same group over time, on a common scale.”[1] Hattie’s research determined that “for students moving from one year to the next, the average effect size across all students is 0.40.”