Saudi students can now make it safely to their learning environments

Daily transportation to and from school for 840,000 girls and 450,000 boys in Saudi Arabia is supported by Cognition

There is huge enthusiasm and commitment within the TTC to the task before them. 
From a non-existent school transport system in 2010, over 1,290,000 students are now safely transported to and from school daily.

The Cognition Transport team has provided support and guidance to the company over the last 3 years, focussed on the operational end of the business to enable them to provide services to all parts of the Kingdom and to grow their business in response to demand.  To support the company’s drive to maximise effectiveness and efficiency Cognition Transport has redesigned their operational business models, reviewed, revised and documented all operational policies procedures and processes to align with the new models and established operating plans and organisational structures to support them going forward.

Since 2012 Cognition Transport has been providing technical advice and support to a company in Saudi Arabia who has responsibility for daily transportation for 840,000 girls and 450,000 boys across this vast territory.  The company Tatweer Transportation Company (TTC) is a new player in the transportation sector and is eager to learn from Cognition’s extensive experience in management of school transport services.