Student achievement shows benefit from teacher development programme

“We can go into our classrooms and start teaching, but one thing this PLD has changed for me is the understanding that while we might be teaching, how do we know our students are learning anything?”

— Teacher, Malaysian private school

Students in form one at a private boarding school in Malaysia engaged in a comprehensive extracurricular programme delivered using contemporary teaching methodologies.

Teachers provided feedback about the programme and the changes they had made as a result of their work with Cognition.

“The achievements of my students have also increased. Much earlier during the March assessment some of the students got quite low marks. The March assessment compared to August assessment there is an increase in grades from C’s to B’s and B’s to A’s. The improvement I can see not only by looking at the grades but I can see the improvement in attitude of the students.”

Students also commented on the teaching as a result of the PLD.

“Now, the teacher gives us a lot of group work and from there, we get to know each other very well.”

“Now we can do practical i.e We write essays and do things other than copy long notes”

Tracy Bowker from Cognition undertook a series of teaching observations and the change in practice was tracked using a radial graph for teach teacher as well as each curriculum area. The graph below summarises the overall mean across participants.