Supporting the development and evaluation of teaching and learning materials

"The team has had an invigorating week with Mr Chiaroni, learning how texts can be properly scaffolded to the needs of learners and taught with much sensitivity."

— Programme team newsletter

Simon Chiaroni, Cognition Consultant in Instructional Design and Evaluation, spent a week on site with a team that focuses on literacy in specific curriculum areas for students for whom English is a second language.

The consultant’s report for the client discussed in depth five themes that emerged through the week and that were covered in a final meeting with several programme directors:

the importance of clarity for resource fitness for purpose
modelling effective pedagogy through resources and tools
deepening the expertise of the team he’d been working with
underpinning materials and evaluations with research-based frameworks
the key role of publishing in curriculum materials.

Evidence of the impact of the consultant’s visit included the following:

"As a way of helping the team understand some central issues outside of their more familiar pedagogical perspective, this was valuable and timely … I also felt that many voices participated in the discussions, at different levels and from different standpoints, and so it was a rich and engaging four days for the team." Comments from the team director on the report 

"As we continue to think about the literacy issues for our students, perhaps one approach can be a re-envisioning of teaching practice as the bridging of students’ needs through deep and thorough scaffolding of the learning materials we are using with them." Excerpts from a team newsletter to teachers

"We have amended the resource we discussed, thanks to your eagle eye, and are revising our other resources based on the recommendations you made. The advice is certainly what we needed … I enjoyed the engagement with you and have learnt much from your personable disposition." Comments from a team member on changes resulting from the visit.