Our work

Our products and services range from early childhood education to post-secondary and vocational education. Through the combined expertise of our team, we can work on every aspect of your project with our four phase process of discovery, design, delivery and evaluation, to deliver high-quality results. The projects below will give you an idea of the variety of systems, people and areas we have worked with.. take a look.

Consulting, Publishing
Cognition Education facilitated the development of support material for mathematics and statistics for years 11-13 in New Zealand secondary schools.  Material includes indicators for all the achievement objectives, possible teaching ideas, pedagogy, assessment, key competencies, learning programme design and useful electronic resources.  
Consulting, Publishing
As part of Te Toi Tupu - the Leading Learning Network, Cognition is taking a significant role in the provision of e-Learning professional development and online support for New Zealand schools. This includes facilitation of networked learning communities as part of the blended e-Learning contract. e-learning  
Consulting, Publishing
Maria Lute
Arts Online is the key communication network and quality resource portal for New Zealand arts education and has been developed and managed by Cognition for the Ministry of Education since 2006. Arts Online promotes professional communication through community discussion groups for each discipline, for primary and early childhood teachers, and for secondary school arts coordinators. Mailing list discussions are facilitated by the Arts Online team and subscribing to them can be completed here.   The site also offers a huge range of resources for early childhood, primary and secondary teachers. These include: Quality assured resources developed in collaboration with the Ministry of Education...
Evaluation, Publishing
Therese Ireland-Smith
The involved development of a workforce development plan around HPS core competencies. The evaluation included Q-methodology, which defined person profiles around prioritised competency areas. Profiles are useful in constructing bespoke professional development training packages based on each group’s priorities and needs. Additionally, the information highlighted groups’ strengths and priorities. Please see the TKI website here for more information.