Foundation Series

The Foundation Series will introduce you to the core concepts of Visible Learning and the research of John Hattie. Through the lens of the Visible Learning evidence, you will be able to focus on what works best. Note, Foundation Day must be completed first.

FS1 Foundation day

The Foundation Day shares with you the results of 25+ years of research into what really works best in education. For so long in education, we seem to have been on the hunt for the next best thing - this research makes us stop and think about the vast amount we already know and take stock about what really does make the difference to student learning.

FS2 Evidence into Action Day One

This day introduces the type of evidence that can be used to prioritise the direction of your school and the VL tools available including the Visible Learning Matrix, to support this. At the end of this day, we will be providing a checklist of the evidence the team will be expected to gather to bring to the Evidence into Action Day Two.

FS3 Evidence into Action Day Two

Participants return, with their evidence to focus on visible learners, teachers and school systems: Analyse the extent data and evidence drive practice in the school Define school aspirations Identify and determine priorities and targets Define required knowledge and practices Develop an action plan including the monitoring of progress Introduce change management concepts to complete a Visible Learning plan for your school.

FS4 Evidence into Action Day Three

Continuing to gather, collate and examine evidence from your class(es) and transfer this into action that will make a positive difference to the outcomes of students in your school beyond your first Visible Learning Plus year. This facilitated workshop supports the use of current data to develop your next year’s action plan to support ongoing improvements for student learning.