GaTE Foundation Series

Through our workshop series we provide Gifted and Talented Education (GaTE) professional development which focuses on identifying and nurturing high potential across all ethnic and economic backgrounds. We will support you to develop a cohesive, evidence-based school-wide programme based on current, internationally recognised best practice. Each workshop will build on the knowledge and understandings gained in the previous workshops. It is possible to attend future workshops without attending any previous.


Session 1

Introduction to GaTE and school-wide self review

Create a shared understanding of what the words ‘gifted’ and ‘talented’ mean and hear what the research tells us about gifted students. Be provided with tools and templates to enable you to conduct your own comprehensive and robust whole school GaTE review.

Session 2 

Identification practices and processes

Developing a school-wide plan for GaTE in your school using information gained through your school-wide review. Establishing defensible, transparent, school-wide identification practices and processes.

Session 3 

Introduction to provision

Introduction to provision for gifted students, focussing on in-class differentiation within the regular classroom.

Session 4

Practical provision part two

Extending provision for gifted students, building on and extending practices developed in session 3.



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