Mathematics and statistics

These content workshops are available in a range of formats for schools and for groups of schools (COL) up to 25 participants.

Three workshop series 

Work through rich tasks to examine the key ideas and progressions in the Algebra strand.

Explore practical ways to support student understanding in shape 2D, shape 3D, position and orientation and transformation.

Fractional thinking
Develop an understanding of the big ideas of fractional thinking and will identify relevant materials, strategies and activities for teaching fractions, proportions and ratios.

Four workshop series

This series of four workshops provides a fresh approach to developing learners’ understandings of place value, learning progress, key elements of the statistics and probability strand and multiplicative thinking.

Develop place value understanding
Evaluate current learning beliefs and pedagogies and explore practical tasks and ideas.

Develop an understanding of the learning progressions in measurement and strengthen measurement content knowledge.

Statistics and probability
Use rich mathematical tasks to explore key statistical ideas and the connections between the New Zealand Curriculum and National Standards in Statistics.

Multiplicative thinking
Make links to the key multiplicative ideas underpinning fractions and decimals and consider how multiplication can be developed through the other strands in mathematics.

Building strong foundations

This series is designed for new or returning primary and intermediate teachers. We’ll help get you started, covering the must knows of the number framework, assessment and teaching knowledge. We highly recommend you follow up this workshop with our other mathematics and statistics workshops.