Professional Learning Communities Level 1

Our GaTE Professional Learning Communities are groups of educators (teachers, GaTE Coordinators, Senior Management) who share common values or beliefs about New Zealand gifted and talented education and are actively engaged in learning together from each other. This year we are running two levels of Learning Communities, Level 1 and the workshops below, are for people just starting out in gifted education.

Workshop one

Adapting the Big Picture

Where does GaTE fit into my schoolwide strategy? How can I raise the profile of GaTE in my school? How does GaTE link into the NZC? How can I use the NZC to meet the needs of my gifted and talented learners?

Workshop two

Who are we missing?

I can spot the high achievers but what about those under the radar students? Who are my twice exceptional/2E learners? How do I maximise the talents of 2E students whilst helping them manage their weaknesses? What about my underachievers – those students who are not meeting their potential? How do I find them? How do I engage them?

Workshop three

The Rising Tide

How do I raise the level of critical, caring and creative thinking being taught in classes? What practical strategies can I incorporate into my planning? How will this help me to motivate students? 

Workshop four

GaTE 2017 and Beyond

What have I learnt about the needs of GaTE students in my school? How am I meeting these needs within a school context? Where are my gaps? How do I fill these gaps? What are my GaTE goals for 2016?


Have a look at our workshops page for upcoming events.

If you have any queries about which level to join please contact Brooke Trenwith