Visible Learning Plus Inside Series

The Inside Series supports deep implementation of Visible Learning strategies throughout your school. The series can be completed as an adjunct to the Foundation Series or be attended as stand-alone professional learning and development days.

IS1 Creating Effective Assessments for Teaching and Learning Using the SOLO Taxonomy

There are many ways to collect information about what students know and can do in their learning. One of the ways is by using tests. If you are planning to use effect sizes to track student growth, you need to develop reliable tests. This seminar will help you to create effective pre-and post-tests using the SOLO taxonomy as the framework for effective and reliable design.

IS2 Feedback that Makes Learning Visible

In this workshop, we look closely at what effective feedback is and how you can get the greatest impact from the feedback that you give. We also consider the feedback that teachers receive and how to make a positive difference to the outcomes for students in your school.

IS3 Using Data to Evaluate Your Impact

Continuing to gather, collate and examine evidence from your class(es) and transfer this into action that will make a positive difference to the outcomes of students in your school beyond your first Visible Learning Plus year. This facilitated workshop supports the use of current data to develop your next year’s action plan to support ongoing improvements for student learning.

IS4 Building and Developing Visible Learners

Building visible learners is important for the future success of our schools and students. This workshop develops an understanding of the four dimensions required to be a visible learner and what teachers need to know and do to develop these students in their classrooms / schools.