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Need support to design and implement distance learning for your school?

We are here to help.

Together we can ensure learners and teaching staff continue to receive the very best education and support during this challenging time; in the classroom, from a distance, and a combination of both. The Cognition Education team is here to help.

Discovering, designing and delivering highly effective and relevant Professional Learning and Development for New Zealand Schools.

Free PLD support

Throughout Term 2, Free PLD is available to support you and your team with Distance Learning and transitioning back to school. You just need to send an email to [email protected] and ask to work with Cognition Education, if you aren’t already.


Repurpose existing PLD hours

You are in control of your current PLD Journal hours. We understand that with the education situation changing so rapidly, your needs will be changing as well. The Ministry of Education have approved that existing PLD hours can be delivered online e.g. via Skype or Zoom. Get in touch with your facilitator to discuss how they can support you in other areas during this time. Remember we have a large team of consultants with a range of expertise at your disposal.


Transitioning to Level 3

Get ahead and be prepared for the transition to Level 3. Our team can support your Teacher Only Day sessions, working with your leadership team, small groups of staff, or individual teachers from a distance. Ensure this valuable time contributes to more effective learning in the coming weeks and a smoother change for everyone, with our guidance. Steve Saville, Cognition consultant, and ex-Christchurch Principal, has written some helpful tips about transitioning back to school. Read Transitioning Back to School here.


Future-focused PLD

Having managed to successfully deploy distance learning approaches; as a school leader you might now be thinking how you can ensure that this new approach to teaching is effective? We can help here too.


Cognition Education can support schools with:

> Getting up and running with learning from home, and learning from post-lockdown classrooms

> Connecting with staff, students and whānau

> Choosing the right tools and provide upskilling in digital fluency

> Building teacher confidence and capability in a new era

> Coaching and guidance

> Problem-solving and troubleshooting

> Be a critical friend for School Leaders; respond and offer guidance to principals and leadership teams

> Maintaining MoE requirements in a rapidly changing environment


Get technical online training in:

> Google Suite

> Zoom

> Microsoft Teams

You can access additional support for distance learning in a few ways:

If you don’t have PLD hours with Cognition Education, please email [email protected] and request hours for Cognition Education to help and support you to plan distance learning.

If you have current hours with Cognition Education, we are able to repurpose those hours for help and support to plan distance learning. Contact your local facilitator or email us at [email protected].

Not in New Zealand? Contact our international offices here.


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