Cognition hits a six with new teaching resources

Cognition hits a six with new teaching resources


Over 40% of New Zealand primary schools have registered for Cricket Smart.


New Zealand Cricket wanted to build excitement towards the world cup: to connect the cricket world cup experience, cricket as a game and quality learning experiences for students.  Cognition was contracted by New Zealand Cricket to develop free curriculum support resources that would form the foundation of their new Cricket Smart programme and support the ICC Cricket World Cup 2015 event. Working alongside a team of teachers and writers, including literacy and numeracy experts, Cognition developed five NZ curriculum-aligned resources suitable for primary schools. Each resource is theme based and includes a series of learning opportunities, using cricket as a context, for three year bands (years 1-3, 4-6, 7-8). Our project partner Whitebait developed fun cricket-based videos to support each resource. Each theme provides teachers with the flexibility to select from a range of cross-curricula, authentic learning opportunities and student-led inquiry to suit different ages, needs, contexts and interests.

The Cricket Smart programme and resources were launched by the New Zealand BLACKCAPS in Christchurch in October 2014. Our client feedback speaks for itself. “Michael and I found working with you great as your attention to detail and efficiency was brilliant. The resources are great and I’m sure will do well in the classroom. Thanks for all your hard work” “Feedback from trial schools was well put together and presented at a good time to NZC to help allow an understanding of how the resource would work within schools.”