How do you make online health information truly engaging?

How do you make online health information truly engaging?


The New Zealand Health Sector has long known Kiwis are increasingly wanting and expecting to access health information online.  As Internet use has grown, along with smart phone uptake, a tension has existed between simply putting information online, versus taking advantage of the digital formats and interactions available to ensure that information is engaging and easily digested. 

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Brave enough to take the plunge

Being first is often challenging and risky. Over the last few years, many in the health sector have started taking steps to put their information online. This is at a very basic level and is usually not viewable on tablet or mobile.


All of this is positive, and a step in the right direction, but few have had the confidence to invest in truly interactive content that makes best use of online capabilities. More recently, the Asthma and Respiratory Foundation of New Zealand took a step into the digital space that was braver than most: a mobile first, highly interactive online guide to managing children’s’ asthma, developed by Wavelength, part of the Cognition Education Group.

Use of digital for a better user experience and more positive health impacts

The solution was to make the most important information parents and whānau need to know readily accessible from any capable device, thus Wavelength created a comprehensive booklet and multimedia, mobile-responsive digital guide. 


A modular approach was taken to each of 7 key topics, plus a summary. There’s a narrator with experience of raising a child with asthma, allowing people the option of having much of the content read for them. Families who have been through the journey, or who are just at the beginning, share their experiences via videos.

Key concepts are brought to life via simple animations and interactions, making it a fun and dynamic experience, while allowing you to dip in and out of important information at any given time.

Follow the leader


It can be argued that this is the first fully digital health resource to be published in New Zealand. Designed to increase online accessibility and user engagement via smart phones, it is expected to provide improved support to families, creating better understanding and increasing confidence in effectively managing children’s asthma. Ultimately it is expected this will result in fewer asthma attacks, and better responses when they do happen.


We believe other health providers will be excited and inspired by this resource, and follow the Asthma and Respiratory Foundation’s example



Check out what it’s all about at Wavelength