Making a difference with Begin Bright

Making a difference with Begin Bright

Get to know Begin Bright Hope Island Franchisee, Janelle Dimmock. 


Janelle Dimmock opened Begin Bright Hope Island in October 2017. After positioning her business in a bustling Queensland shopping centre, and with attention to detail and commitment, Begin Bright Hope Island has become a busy centre!


Janelle has funnelled her various experiences within her 25 years in the education sector, to build a great business that has already had an impact on hundreds of Gold Coast children. Transitioning from the classroom environment into a small business owner has allowed Janelle to focus on what she loves the most; making a difference to children’s education. Although offering a new set of challenges, owning her own business has allowed Janelle to have the flexibility to choose the hours she wants and has given her back the time and energy to give to her family.


“My role as an Early Years Support teacher made me realise the necessity of good pre-prep programs to ensure children are equipped to be successful learners once they start school. Working with so many children who were struggling from such a young age to meet the demands of the curriculum made me realise that I wanted to make a difference to support these young learners.”


Janelle considered opening her own centre to provide tutoring and school readiness after recognising the need to ensure children are well prepared to start school and seeing the demands on these young children increase each year. Janelle was enticed by the philosophy of the Begin Bright business, and the structure and support that the franchise model offered. 


In addition, what made Begin Bright such an exciting opportunity was the connection with the parent company; Cognition Education Group. Cognition Education Group developed the renowned school-wide change model, and professional learning and development program for teachers: Visible Learning Plus. As a leader and educator, and having trained as a facilitator in Visible Learning Plus Janelle was confident in the credibility that a company such as Cognition Education brought to the Begin Bright brand, and assured the validity of the company as 21st Century educators. Utilising various components of the Group, Begin Bright franchisees benefit from infrastructure support, program development and business guidance.


And for Janelle, as they say…the rest is history. The Begin Bright franchise sets out a clear business structure, which is ideal for those who are new to owning their own business, whilst offering flexibility to accommodate the new business owners past experiences.


Originally published in Business Franchise Magazine, July/August 2018