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IRIS Connect

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The world's leading video tool that is transforming teaching.

IRIS Connect is a proven video based Professional Learning and Development (PLD) tool that gives schools and teachers the ability to improve their own teaching and learning. Through the latest technology and using unobtrusive video recordings, IRIS Connect enables teachers to observe and review classroom activity via an easy to use digital platform. 

Join other successful teachers world-wide who rely on IRIS Connect:
1. as a coaching tool,
2. a micro-teaching tool for lesson study and,
3. for self-reflection.

IRIS Connect has revolutionised PLD, with long lasting impact for schools, teachers and students. Learn more about IRIS Connect and how it puts you in control of your Professional Learning: 

IRIS Connect is new and exclusively delivered by Cognition Education throughout New Zealand, Australia & the Pacific Islands.

Cognition Education’s team of accredited consultants work with the IRIS Connect technology to support our full range of PLD services.

If you are looking for improvement and change, then look no further … contact us today to start your transformation journey.

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What IRIS Connect can do for you and your school:

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Enable better teacher reflection

Inspire and motivate teachers in your school to make meaningful changes to their practice with a more personalised, focused and powerful approach to self-reflection through video.

Inter School Collaboration

Over 200 schools already use the IRIS Connect video professional learning platform to tackle the challenges of collaborative Professional Development across schools.

Create a culture for success

We work with you to create an environment and culture in which teachers are confident, motivated drivers of school improvement. Using our technology, we will help you overcome the barriers to providing effective, learner focused in-house PLD.

The Cognition Connection

Utilising Cognition Education’s Accredited Consultants in the implementation process, leaders and teachers can expect visible impact, outcome and changes for students and school systems.

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The Package

For each school (no matter what the size), each IRIS Connect Package includes:
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Secure, powerful, professional learning platform

Teachers own personal and secure space to reflect on, analyse and share teaching and learning videos with peers. 
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Simple to use video technology designed for education

With integrated video technology, you can capture synchronous views of teaching and learning and engage in live remote coaching.

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Implementation consultancy and support 

Our free Implementation Support programme will help you achieve sustainable change.

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Access to expertise when you need it

Create and join Groups; access expertise at the click of a button, tap into and feed back into the teaching community.

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Case Study: Oak Hill Academy and IRIS Connect

What began as an initiative to improve the quality of teaching and learning at Oak Hill Academy, quickly became the means to build a sustainable coaching culture, moving teaching from 50% good in 2010, to 100% good and 25% outstanding by 2014. Read more about the Oak Hill Academy IRIS Connect experience here:
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Working with IRIS Connect

“In my work with schools I use IRIS Connect to analyse student thinking and critique effective teaching practice.

IRIS Connect has enabled me to use video footage in a unique way. As part of our collaborative inquiry into effective mathematics teaching and learning, we have been able to analyse specific parts of mathematics lessons to show which deliberate acts of teaching have the most impact.

IRIS Connects also allows collaboration with teachers using the comments and forms, where reflections are then used to deepen teachers understanding of the mathematics curriculum and how students think about mathematics.

IRIS Connect has been a powerful diagnostic tool in mathematics. We have been able to use evidence captured in the reflections to recognise student misconceptions and plan next learning steps for students in need of acceleration.”

Dianne Ogle Cognition Consultant
[email protected]
+64 9 638 4750